System Administrator I

Noblesville, IN, USA Req #609
Wednesday, May 20, 2020


The Systems Administrator provides advanced support to our partners by taking proactive steps to minimize system downtime. The administrator will use monitoring tools and best practices to ensure system stability and uptime. They will assist by monitoring support channels and responding to reported issues. This role may include license management, governance, and compliance guidance as well as configuration assistance of locally hosted applications and sanctioned SaaS applications. The SA position is an essential member of the team where an agile mindset, transformative thinking and continuous learning are demonstrated daily.


q  Provides Awesome support for current and future enterprise systems 

q  Use Agile Principles and Values within the prescribed framework, actively participating in all team events 

q  Complete all relevant work as required by the team's Definition of Done 

q  Vigilant adherence to SMC IT security policies and procedures 

q  Collaborate with our partners on value driven solutions, shared learning opportunities, driving new technology innovation and adoption

q  Captures, understands, translates, and documents customer requirements 

q  Performs troubleshooting and remediation 

q  Ensures successful project implementation 

q  Performs post project end user support. 

q  Manages and documents system configurations 

q  Other duties as assigned 


q  Computer set up and troubleshooting of generic computer problems.

q  Troubleshoot and resolve connectivity or data flow issues

q  Maintain internal and external contacts for equipment service

q  Lifecycle management of OT systems in accordance with SMC policies

q  Detect early signs of equipment maintenance needs

q  Document and train organization in the operation and use of OT systems

q  Collaborate with partner support as part of the incident response process

q  Direct operational personnel on the cleaning and adjusting of system components when appropriate

q  Assemble data and collect logs for partner analysis when required

q  Spare parts inventory management

q  Clear and investigate root cause of jams. Work with maintenance personnel to correct problems in order to mitigate future disruptions

q  Respond to inquiries within the organization and determine if the problem is operational, application, controls, or hardware related and follows the correct path for resolution

q  Develop a complete understanding of the OT systems and be able to make recommendations for improvement

Contribute and adhere to the OT security controls design, implementation, policies, and procedures


q  Equipment knowledge and general troubleshooting ability including, but not limited to, the following:

q  Understanding of normal operating conditions of all OT systems and components

q  Fault resolution (motor overload, E-STOP, power supply fault, etc.)

q  Understanding of HMI functionality

q  Normal operating conditions displayed on HMI and navigation of system

q  Knowledge of all conditions of system

q  Understand procedures to start and stop each system and subsystem

q  Understanding of all statistics screens

q  Understanding of system start up and shut down procedures

q  Knowledge of all aspects of the general software and interfaces in the OT systems

q  Understanding of all operations processes and how to interact with OT systems from a user perspective

q  Working knowledge of Windows operating system

q  Administrative knowledge and experience relating to OT application/software systems and the IT systems that they interact with

q  Understanding of computer information systems layout and file directories

q  Technical knowledge of protocols used for communication between systems

q  Understanding of computer information systems layout and file directories


q  2-4 years relevant work experience

q  Carry mobile phone during work hours and on-call periods

Other details

  • Pay Type Salary
  • Required Education High School
  • Noblesville, IN, USA