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Operations Management - Ops Supervisor

Burlington, VT, USA Req #679
Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Loomis-Operations Supervisor

Operations Supervisor is a full time, salary exempt position. Operations Supervisor is responsible
for developing and maintaining a safe and secure route operation by professional, well-trained route personnel. Operations Supervisor will proactively ensure the highest level of service for each customer by properly routing and staffing the routes. Operations Supervisor will work as a team
member with already established Supervisors and will report to the Operations
Manager. Operations Supervisor oversees dispatchers and route personnel.

Operations Supervisor specific responsibilities are as follows:

  • Daily operation of armored car service (both established routes and specials).

  • Creating efficient routes and schedules which will satisfy customer requirements to the best of Loomis ability. Setting route standards, monitoring route activities, and ensuring that routes are run in the most efficient manner. Assisting in planning for improvements, changes, and restructuring of routes.

  • Supervising, training, coaching, counseling, and disciplining all route crew. Preparing and maintaining a schedule of work assignments, scheduling overtime and vacations for route crews and dispatchers. Ensuring that all route crews are complying with company policy regarding uniform, appearance, and punctuality. Monitoring attendance, verifying time
     cards, approving special pay.

  • Preparing and delivering performance evaluations for route crews and dispatchers. Properly documenting disciplinary and training actions as well as merit actions.

  • Enforcing of opening and closing procedures.

  • Accountability and security of cargo on routes.

  • Monitoring/overseeing audit of route paperwork and drivers logs, truck logs, and inspection reports.
    Enforcing the policies regarding proper signatures, dates, times, etc. on all paperwork.

  • Monitoring condition and maintaining safety of trucks, weapons, and other equipment.

  • Direct response to accidents, incidents, and breakdowns on routes.

  • Responding to daily customer inquiries generally via dispatch.

  • Generating work orders for new starts, cancellations, specials, etc.

  • Maintaining up-to-date maps for all routes.

  • Coordination and maintenance of internal alarm systems.

  • Communicating with sales, vault, CMS department, other carriers and vendors, as required.

  • Monitoring currency of route crew
    qualifications (driver license, medical status, gun and guard permits, and
    physical ability).

  • Other duties as assigned by Operations or Branch Manager.

    Level of Authority:

    Operations Supervisor is authorized to utilize trucks and equipment, and assign
    crews as required to provide daily service to customers, within policy and
    broad direction.

    Standards of Performance:

    1. Compliance with all Corporate, District, and Branch policies.

    2. Timely, thorough follow-up of all accidents, incidents, and known violations
    of procedures.

    3. High level of observable safety, security, and effectiveness of operating
    practices and use of equipment.

    4. Well-maintained, attractive trucks, weapons, equipment, and uniforms.

    5. Consistently efficient performance and customer oriented service by all
    route crews.

    6. Leadership by example: modeling appropriate behaviors; regular
    observation/monitoring of route activities and crew needs.


Other details

  • Job Family Exempt
  • Pay Type Salary
  • Burlington, VT, USA