Lab Support Services Technician

9420 Athena Cir, La Jolla, CA 92037, USA Req #173
Monday, April 5, 2021

Job Summary

The Laboratory Support Services (LSS) Technician is responsible for providing daily, on-site services in support of laboratories and common use facilities at LJI. The LSS Technician maintains the LSS facility, keeping it clean and sanitary.. The LSS Technician will collect, clean, prepare and sterilize glassware and other lab use items using a dishwasher and  steam autoclave.  Responsibilities also include collecting and treating biohazardous dry waste from laboratories and treating and disposing waste in accordance with regulations and in compliance with LJI policies and procedures. The LSS Technician performs routine cleaning and maintenance of LSS equipment and performs other related duties in support of the research labs as assigned.


Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Clean, sanitize, and sterilize glassware as per laboratory request

  • Distributes clean/sterilized glassware to laboratories

  • Pick-up dirty glassware from laboratories

  • Maintains LSS facility

  • Daily maintenance of washing/drying machines and autoclaves

  • Cleans and sanitizes the support equipment

  • Cleans and stocks lab sink areas.

  • Assembles and delivers lab use consumables.

  • Collects biohazard wastes from laboratories

  • Treats biohazardous waste per SOP and regulations

  • Other duties in support of LJI labs as assigned

Leveling Requirements

  • Must be able to understand and follow verbal and written instruction in English

  • Must be able to read and understand documents such as safety rules, standard procedures, operating instructions for washing equipment, autoclaves and other LSS equipment

  • Must be able to maintain written records in English as required by SOP and regulations

  • Must be able to stand for prolonged periods. This job has very limited work while sitting

  • Must be able to lift 50 pounds and carry at least 25 pounds

  • Must be able to use a step stool/ ladder to reach objects overhead

  • Must have manual dexterity in both hands

  • Must be able to bend down and/ or crouch repeatedly throughout the workday

  • Must be able to exercise diplomacy and flexibility in interactions with multinational scientific staff

  • High school diploma or equivalent  

  • Previous laboratory experience is a plus

  • Pre-employment fitness for duty exam required


Interested applicants please submit your resume in a single attachment.

Other details

  • Job Function GA
  • Pay Type Salary
  • 9420 Athena Cir, La Jolla, CA 92037, USA