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Friday, October 23, 2020

STS Systems Support, LLC. (SSS) is seeking Education and Training Support for the 67th Cyberspace Wing to support the 67 CW Training Manager in overseeing all education and training programs and work in conjunction with Group and Squadron Training Managers as required. The Contractor shall provide Wing personnel training analyses, assessments, and recommendations for developing, implementing, initiating and coordinating AF military and civilian training.  Expertise in DoD training systems such as Education and Training Management System (ETMS), Advanced Distributed Learning System (ADLS), and other DoD training systems will be needed to perform support functions.  Specific tasks include the following:


  • Review, collect and consolidate functional/occupational training requirements when requested, supporting all training needs assessment data calls in accordance with established suspense timelines.
  • Responsible in processing Form 2096(s) for less than 50 wing staff personnel as required per the unit routing procedures, Total Force Personnel Delivery Guide, and AFI 36-2670, Total Force Deployment and Air Force Guidance Memorandum (AFGM) 20-01 to AFI 36-2670.
  • Responsible in processing at least 20 SF 182(s) per month within 5 calendar days of receipt in accordance with 67 CW SF182 Process Guide.
  • Manage and fully administer assigned duties related to Tracking Management System (TMS).
  • Monitor, plan, and organize compliance and data systems accuracy of civilian and military training, education and professional development programs.
  • Track, monitor, and document the progress of the baseline training, continuing education (CE) units, and Computing Environment/Operating System training for the organization. (A001) Provide monthly On-The-Job Training (OJT) Roster to units within the wing who do not have MILPDS access. Run a monthly ADLS report on all Total Force Awareness Training (TFAT) and any other applicable courses as requested and provide historical data. Meet all training suspenses as specified in AFI 36-2670, Total Force Deployment, and all applicable training Personnel Delivery Guides.
  • Conduct one education and training (E&T) session each quarter to support cyber systems maintenance, operations, education services, and instructor support activities.
  • Research requests and provide support for AF tuition assistance as requested by employees and supervisors.
  • Research and provide support for civilian educational developmental education programs as requested.
  • Research and provide support to various AF civilian training, education and professional development programs for approximately 350 individuals assigned to career program positions covered by AF Personnel Center career field teams.
  • Research and provide support for training, education, and professional development.
  • Screen program requirements prescribed by higher headquarters to assist in the selection nominees for professional military education programs, experiential programs and any applicable professional development, fellowship, and academic degree programs.
  • Utilize established centrally developed processes for quality control, standardization and metrics to determine effective execution of Civilian Automated Training Input Program (CATNIP) and financial plan per the 67 CW SF182 Process Guide and provide fund utilization status on a weekly basis.
  • Prepare directives to manage and control E&T programs.
  • Implement policies and coordinates changes.
  • Coordinate and schedule E&T events and facility use.
  • Obtain and analyze history and prepare monthly reports of wing E&T achievements and identify alignment with wing goals
  • Monitor Wing E&T progress, identify problem areas, determine causes, recommend corrective action, provide counsel to Director, Programs Division and Wing Training Manager, and keep an indefinite weekly log of any identified problems and counseling or recommendations provided.
  • Develop and maintain on-going communications with activities and mission partners conducting, scheduling and/or supporting E&T requirements.





  • 5 years of related experience
  • Expertise in DoD training systems such as Education and Training Management System (ETMS), Advanced Distributed Learning System (ADLS), and other DoD training systems
  • Active TS/SCI


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